Supply Chain Management

Every company always looks for ways to optimize costs and increase profitability. E-Procurement applications help streamline business operations and ease the purchasing process. It introduces considerable efficiency improvements through automated procurement process, improved inventory control, decreased order errors and order cycle time. E-Procurement systems also allow organizations to optimize transfer and processing costs.

Coupling specific knowledge in procurement application development with technology expertise Ocsid Technologies delivers solutions that help companies automate the complete purchasing cycle. We build applications that address all the requirements of the procurement process, enabling companies to control inventories more effectively, reduce purchasing expenses and considerably improve manufacturing cycles.

Procurement Tasks Management
Distinctly organized information
Streamlined and standardized automated transactions
Immediate information access
Considerable search time savings

Suppliers Performance
Detailed supplier's data
Advanced vendor's activities tracking
Constantly updated information about products and services offered

Procurement Analysis and Reporting
Access to actual information through an extensive reporting system
Procurement performance measurement
Associated reports on vendors activity and historical performance

Search and Navigation
Advanced search options
Search results control and management
Related information cross-linking

Web-Based Administration
Reduced processing costs
Real time supplier's activities and performance tracking
Anytime-anywhere information access

Sunderstanding that a company's requirements for E-Procurement are varied we approach each project individually and deliver custom-built solutions that fit enterprise business processes. Depending on your requirements we can integrate an E-Procurement system with your existing enterprise applications